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I have been fortunate to have experienced and continue to receive good, solid, regular professional supervision.

Each supervision relationship that I have encountered has helped me to continue to build a strong foundation for my work and encouraged me to find my own creative way of working.  I hold what I have learnt experientially in these relationships to be precious in how I offer supervision to others.

My intention is to provide space for reflection and the exploration of your work.  My hope is that the process of working together is supportive and empowering.  It will include challenge when necessary and be educative.  A priority is that you have an opportunity to continue your own development.   




My Approach

My approach to clinical supervision is integrative.   I include humanistic, psychodynamic and transpersonal perspectives to client work.  I appreciate the value of clarity of thinking around clinical issues, understanding theory and the practical challenges of the work.  We can engage with this while at the same time being prepared to face uncertainty, not knowing and mystery.   

I see a crucial aspect of supervision as being able to be open to what is beyond what the supervisee or I know.  Supervision as a space to being respectfully open to what the client is really communicating both consciously and unconsciously.  Hopefully to do this in a way that invites imagination, creativity and soul.

Through my training and work as a Jungian Analyst, I have developed a stronger listening to the unconscious through dreams.  I am therefore able to support you with dream work. 

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