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  • Are Counselling and Psychotherapy Effective?
    Talking to a skilled listener can help you to a deeper experience and understanding of your current situation and your inner life. The therapeutic process can bring new insights and importantly a wider range of choices can become available to you. Some old patterns and complexes never leave us but we can learn to become less possessed by them. We can feel so truly stuck that it can seem nothing will ever change but with support new possibilities are born. It is possible to improve your relationship with yourself. This then has an impact on your relationship with those you are closest to, your immediate community and society at large.
  • What is Short Term Therapy?
    Usually this involves six or eight sessions within which it is possible to recognise modest and achievable goals. Valid work is sometimes done in less time. In short term therapy, you will be looking at one aspect of your life or a single event. There is the opportunity to explore a period of stress or crisis that needs to be contained. We will stay with what is vital and realistic to achieve. Short term work is also a good way to try out counselling.
  • What is Long Term Therapy?
    In longer-term work you will be exploring, recognizing and accepting underlying patterns, emotional issues and unresolved conflicts that have been ongoing. Working towards being able to listen to the call and wisdom of the centre of your being, finding your roots, your wholeness. It is difficult to say how long it will take. It depends on you, your situation and what you need.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    I suggest that we start with a brief telephone conversation to discuss what you are looking for at this time and whether my approach would be suitable. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The next step is meeting up and getting a sense of whether the two of us are a good match. To help you decide I recommend two initial meetings. This is an opportunity for us to gauge how we would work together. During this evaluation period we will look in more detail at your needs and whether your expectations and my way of working are compatible. I will ask you about your past and present history. These sessions give you time to decide whether counselling or psychotherapy is indeed what you want, whether I am the right person and to ask me any questions that may arise. All information will be treated confidentially and there is no obligation to continue. If we agree to go ahead we will begin by working together for six weeks and then review the process.
  • When Are Appointments Available?
    I offer day and early evening weekday appointments. Sessions are normally on a regular weekly basis. Usually an appointment is arranged at the same time and day of each week. Some people prefer to come twice weekly.
  • Where Do They Take Place?
    I work 5 to 10 minutes' drive from Stroud. Parking outside.
  • What Are the Fees?
    I charge £75 per hour I do offer some reduced fees to those who need this and particularly want to work with the approach that I offer. Paying a full fee, if you can, means I am in a better position to offer reductions. Your appointment is a commitment to our work together. If you have to miss a session I will try to reschedule it during the week before your next session. If this is not possible you will have to pay for the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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