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Coming to see me you can expect a confidential place where what you need to speak about will be heard with care. How you get started and how things proceed is very different for each individual, there is no wrong way.  

You will have the opportunity to explore your current situation and past history. If things have been difficult, taking time to talk this through is often a relief and valuable. This might be all the support you need.

You might be interested in looking beneath surface concerns.  To ‘see through’ to areas of life or into feelings you have previously neglected or into that place that you know troubles you.  You may be interested in finding the pattern or meaning in what you have been going through and in what it might be leading you towards. This is where it helps to work with your dreams, with story, images and responses in your body. You start to look for signs that reveal your inner landscape and you begin to make your ‘shadow’ conscious. The shadow is all those things, both good and bad, that have been repressed or never been conscious.

I work with an integrative approach that helps you to become more consciously aware of your complexes and your strengths. The relationship between us will also play a part in the therapeutic process.  


Working with the imaginal realm of dreams, story and images you will develop a deepening connection between your conscious mind and the wisdom of the unconscious.  Although outer circumstances might possibly stay the same something different will happen in you.  Finding your way, you will draw upon the resources within yourself for greater meaning and understanding.  And, this will lead to a sense of acceptance, nourishment, guidance and renewal.


Psychotherapy & Counselling


I work with a wide range of issue, these include:

  • Uncertainty, loss of meaning and desire to find new direction

  • Burnout, stress, anxiety, despair and the need for self-care

  • Depression, loneliness, feelings of loss, bereavement and illness

  • Addictive behaviours

  • Being at a crossroads.  Thresholds and life transitions (leaving home, midlife, menopause, retirement and end of life)

  • Relationship problems, conflict and betrayal

  • Issues relating to boarding school

  • Parenting concerns   

  • Issues relating from sexual, psychological and physical abuse

  • Anger, shame and self-esteem issues

  • Disappointment and high expectations 

  • Issues around creativity and motivation

  • Exploration of dreams

Jungian Analysis

I offer support to those who are called to look within, those who have set out on an inner quest to explore their inner authentic self and those who are keen to work with the process of individuation. Those who wish to give place to the mystery of soul and the ever-expanding spiral of developing consciousness. Those interested in the next challenge in life and in where the ebb and flow of creative impulse is taking them, which may well be different from conscious intention. Those led to draw on the archetypal dimension and who intend to develop meaning from a relationship with the Self, the innermost core of the psyche. In this, dreams are healing and point the way.


"We cannot live in a world interpreted for us by others.  An interpreted world is not home.  Part of the terror is to take back our own listening.  To use our own voice.  To see our own light."

Hildegard of Bingen 

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