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If you are interested in attending a fairy tale or reading group, please get in touch.

“Fairy Tales are the purest and simplest expression of collective unconscious psychic processes…They represent the archetypes in their simplest, barest, and most concise form…In myths or legends, or any other more elaborate mythological material, we get at the basic patterns of the human psyche through an overlay of cultural material. But in fairy tales there is much less specific conscious material, and therefore they mirror the basic patterns of the psyche more clearly….

We interpret for the same reason as that for which the fairy tale and myths were told: because it has a vivifying effect and gives a satisfactory reaction and brings one into peace with one’s unconscious instinctive substratum, just as the telling of fairy tales always did.”

- Marie Louise von Franz, The Interpretation of Fairy Tales.

Fairy tales were told orally to adults in all cultures way before they were written down. There are many different approaches to the study of fairy tales. C. G. Jung was drawn to fairy tales and used them to support his theoretical ideas and Marie Louise von Franz initiated a way of interpreting them to reveal the healing effect that they have always held. We will use this method of interpretation to focus on a selected fairy tale that I will send out to you.

This group is an opportunity for those interested in Analytical Psychology, as we will look at basic principles of Jungian psychology. This will include amongst many other things amplifying symbols, recognising different motifs including the shadow, the anima, and animus and looking at archetypal patterns in the tale.

If you are interested in attending a fairy tale or reading group, please get in touch.

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